Transformers Unicron Trilogy - Complete Trilogy - Blu Ray

Transformers Unicron Trilogy - Complete Trilogy - Blu Ray

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Transformers Armada, Cybertron and Energon all together in the Ultimate Trilogy!


Armada Saga
On the planet Cybertron, war rages between Autobots and Decepticons over a smaller race called Mini-Cons, who enhance the power of the Transformers they link with. Seeking to flee the conflict that surrounds them, the Mini-Cons escape Cybertron, but their ship is damaged and crashes on Earth scattering them across the globe. Millions of years later, two young humans awaken the Mini-Cons, bringing the conflict of Optimus Prime and Megatron to Earth!

Energon Saga
Ten years after the epic Unicron battle, there is finally an unsettling peace between the Autobots and Decepticons. Working together they form a secret alliance with human kind to find the rare and precious substance Energon which they soon discover on Earth. Lurking in the distance are mysterious forces that have honed in on this discovery and will stop at nothing to gain control of the Energon at all costs, and only an elite team of Autobots empowered to combine their robotic forms and strengths into an ultra force can save the planet from total destruction.

Cybertron Saga
CYBERTRON, the TRANSFORMERS' home planet, is on the brink of destruction as an ominous Black Hole looms. In order to save their world, the TRANSFORMERS embark upon an intergalactic scavenger hunt across the universe searching for the lost Cyber Planet Keys. The evil DECEPTICONS, villains unlike any you have seen before, are in a race against the heroic AUTOBOTS to recover the Cyber Planet Keys - keys that have the power to unlock the CYBERTRON planet itself, creating the greatest TRANSFORMER the universe has ever seen! The battle will span the galaxy in a race to wield the all powerful keys and save their home world of CYBERTRON from certain doom!

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