Tarzan In Manhattan - 1989 TV Movie - Blu Ray - Image #1

Tarzan In Manhattan - 1989 TV Movie - Blu Ray

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Nothing in the world would make Tarzan, the mighty defender of the jungle, leave his beloved forest. However, when unscrupulous, violent hunters set foot on his virgin realm, killing his adoptive ape mother, Kala, and kidnapping his simian companion, Cheetah, Tarzan has no other choice but to seek vengeance in an entirely different jungle: the urban labyrinth of bustling New York City. Before long, with the help of the beautiful cab driver, Jane Porter, and her private eye father, Archimedes, Tarzan embarks on a challenging quest to find justice, even if he comes face-to-face with villainous B. B. Brightmore and the shady operations of the above-suspicion Brightmore Foundation. Can Tarzan, the great, survive the dangers of modern Manhattan?

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