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Sweet Magnolias - Season 2 - Blu Ray

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Things are anything but serene in Serenity, South Carolina. At least right now. The second season of Sweet Magnolias picks up exactly where the first installment left off; there’s been a potentially fatal car accident on prom night, and all the parents wait anxiously in the hospital lobby for any kind of news. We soon learn the identity of the kids in the car accident; Kyle (Logan Allen) and Nellie (Simone Lockhart). Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and her estranged husband Bill (Chris Klein) try their best to keep it together as they wait for news about Kyle, and question their other son Ty (Carson Rowland) about the events that led up to the accident. Annie (Anneliese Judge) and Jackson (Sam Ashby) also try to explain, but it isn’t long before the mayor and his wife Mary Vaughn Lewis (Allison Gabriel), Nellie’s parents, show up and begin ripping into everyone. The night is only made more dramatic when Jackson and Ty get in a fight and Ty breaks his arm, ruining his chances to go to state. Despite all this chaos, we learn that Nellie’s a bit banged up but will be ok, while Kyle will have to spend a bit more time in the hospital to heal up.

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