Star Wars Holiday Special - 2020 Special Edition - Blu Ray

Star Wars Holiday Special - 2020 Special Edition - Blu Ray

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Stinky Tuna is well known for being the guys that cleaned up and restored this awful TV Special for it's 40th Anniversary Edition. It was, at the time, one of the best prints (if not the best) out there. Plus it featured hours of bonus content that any other release available did not incliude. It became the go-to copy to get. Now we have to go and ruin it by putting together the upgraded, upscaled 2020 edition that is even better than the other.  Now if you already have the other we won't say it's worth it to buy this upgrade is so much of an improvement over the 40th Anniversary that we can't say it's a bad idea either. Both have many of the same features but it also has new stuff too.

What is the difference?

- The special itself has been upscaled and remastered in HD. It looks really good even though it's so very bad. But we all know it's bad.

- The 40th edition has a bonus feature of "Hardware Wars" the popular Star Wars parody short film. This version switches that out for "TROOPS" The COPS TV show parody with the original music.

- The introduction has been extended and a whole new opening scene/credits was created to updated theme music.

- Also as bonus features you have newly re-edited version of "A Very Lego Star Wars Christmas,"

Darth Santa and Darth Santa Strikes Back

- The Cast Restrospective and so much more.

- The cover art is all new and was created by Stinky Tuna exclusively including new disc art.

The So Bad it's NOT GOOD piece of Star Wars history that won't die is now available for the 2020 Holiday season. 2020 has been a pretty bad year but when you get a copy of the 2020 Edition you will see a whole new level of bad. And that's a good thing.

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