Song of the South Full Uncut Film Restored From 35mm Film - Image #1

Song of the South Full Uncut Film Restored From 35mm Film

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These DVDs are made on demand, now in a case with case artwork!! Disc has no artwork on it, Full unedited movie, remastered 1080p from the original 35mm film. DVD-R, this is perfect for anyone who just wants to see the film and have it on a disc. Customers have told us this is “Far Superior” to any other disc available.

These discs are made from the master digital file, unlike other versions that are copies from another dvd, UK VHS, or LaserDisc. This is an original digital file that has been unofficially approved by Disney.

Based on the Uncle Remus stories about the ingenious bunny Brer Rabbit using live action and animation. Following the separation of his parents, a young boy goes to live in the American South. There he meets Uncle Remus, who gives the boy valuable insights into his problems via the stories he tells about Brer Rabbit.

If you would like multiple copies (three or more) send is a message first for a better price! !

Ships in 24 hours or less!