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Smithy - 1946

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"Smithy" recreates the dramatic life of Australia's world renowned aviation hero Sir Charles Kingsford Smith. Affectionately known as "Smithy", he astonished the world in 1928 with his pioneering Trans Pacific flight from America to Australia. He went on to establish Australian National Airways and set air distance and endurance records.

Director Ken G. Hall's last feature film is a gripping and inspiring tribute to a national hero and his fellow pioneers. Contributing to the stunning aerial shots Smithy's famous plane, the Southern Cross, appears in what was to be its last flight. Some key figures play themselves - former Prime Minister William Morris "Billy" Hughes, radio operator John Stannage, and co-pilot PG Taylor. Composer Alfred Hill created a memorable music score, superbly performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Released in 1946, "Smithy" was a smash hit and achieved worldwide recognition.

 "Ken G. Hall's best movie to date…'Smithy' is dynamite!" The Australian Exhibitor, August 1946.

 "A moving and thrilling tribute to Sir Charles Kingsford Smith…superb aerial shots of ocean flights are prominent features…the best all-Australian picture to date." Entertainment USA, September 1946.


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