Porky’s Pimpin Pee Wee  - 2009 - Blu Ray - Image #1

Porky’s Pimpin Pee Wee - 2009 - Blu Ray

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With the producers and director taking a few creative liberties Pee Wee, Meat and Tommy are back and now going to college. They are still living in Angel Beach and always looking for sex and Porky still has a cathouse with strippers and even a porn star. Over the summer a house Pee Wee is keeping an eye on for his vacationing Uncle is destroyed during a party. To fix the damages the guys need to make some money, FAST! So they open a whore house thus taking on Porky again buy cutting into his business. This is not so much as sequel as it is a homage to the originals and oddly enough takes place in early 2000's rather than the 50's like the others. Creative liberties. Previously unavailable on physical media.

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