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“Provocative and potent. An anti-Gone With The Wind that treats the pre-Civil War South as a swamp of degradation for white masters and black slaves alike.”   – Dave Kehr, The New York Times

“One of the most neglected and underrated Hollywood films of its era, Richard Fleischer’s blistering and undeniably lurid 1975 melodrama … it’s doubtful whether many more insightful and penetrating movies about American slavery exist.”   – Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader


Richard Fleischer’s (The Boston Strangler) film adaptation of Kyle Onstott’s torrid novel, Mandingo, has been called provocative, insightful and penetrating.”

Warren Maxwell (James Mason, North By Northwest) and his son Hammond (Perry King, The Day After Tomorrow) rule their plantation and its inhabitants with an iron fist. Warren needs to see Hammond wed a woman from a respectable family, sire a son, and acquire a Mandingo slave to breed a stronger slave colony. Hammond finds that “respectable woman” in his bride, Blanche (played at fever pitch by Susan George, Straw Dogs), but her questionable chastity soon has Hammond returning to his wandering ways. When he purchases the beautiful Ellen (Brenda Sykes, Cleopatra Jones) to be a house slave … and his mistress … Blanche is pushed to the edge.

When the vengeful Blanche forces Mede (Ken Norton, Drum), the newly acquired Mandingo slave, into her bed she is ill prepared for the dire consequences.

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