Disney Treasures Annette - Complete Series - Blu Ray - Image #1

Disney Treasures Annette - Complete Series - Blu Ray

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Annette was adapted from the 1950 teen novel Margaret by Janette Sebring Lowrey (author of the Little Golden Book classic The Poky Little Puppy). It was to retain that title with Mouseketeer and third season Spin and Marty cast member Darlene Gillespie starring in the title role. Along the way, the story of a country girl relocated to the city was renamed "Annette and Darlene" with the intention of Annette playing the lead and Darlene holding a supporting role as her urban cousin. Rewrites occurred, a dissatisfied Darlene was dropped (supposedly to be used in the big unrealized film production Rainbow Road to Oz), and Annette took to the airwaves in the winter of 1958 as a one-girl vehicle.

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