Christmas In The City - 2013 - Blu Ray - Image #1

Christmas In The City - 2013 - Blu Ray

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Divorced for five years, single mom Wendy Carroll operates Carroll's Candy Shop, her late father's candy store in the small town of Quinton. She holds onto the store for dear life, for her mother Meg Carroll's sake, for the one tangible thing she has left of her now deceased father, and to preserve the only life she has ever known in Quinton - but now the bank has sent a letter of foreclosure on the business. It being early in the Christmas season, Wendy, with her young daughter Grace Carroll, moves to Los Angeles until Christmas, staying with her hometown friend Angie (who moved there to pursue a musical theater career) to find a seasonal job to earn enough money to stave off the business going under. Angie is able to get Wendy's foot in the door at Wolman's Department Store, where she has her day job. Run by its founder Harry Wolman and his nephew Tom, Wolman's is an old-fashioned business built on family values, treating staff truly like members of their family. Wendy is quickly hired while Grace spends her days in the in-store day care center. Much of the Wolman family's values are under the gun as it is not doing well financially. Its Board of Directors has hired retail consultant Teanna Musk for the Christmas season to turn the store's financial fortunes around. Nicknamed Cruella by the store's staff, Teanna has no sentiment toward traditional Christmas values, only looking at the bottom line. Beyond being a directive by the Board, Tom feels he has to abide by Teanna's decisions because she also holds the purse strings for a much needed investor. No one is aware that Teanna has ulterior motives, landing Tom as her man en route to pulling off a corporate take-over. As such, she has to get rid of Wendy, for whom Tom seems to have eyes (and visa versa). But as much as Wendy likes Tom, she isn't sure if she is willing to give up her Quinton life for the prospect of romance.

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