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Brotherly Love - Complete Series - Blu Ray

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A year after his father's fatal accident, Joe Roman returns to Philadelphia to collect his share of his dad's estate, a car-customizing business. His reunion with his stepmother Claire and his half-brothers is a little rocky. Despite her best efforts, Claire is struggling to keep the business afloat. 15-year-old Matt, tormented by a number of teen crises both real and imagined, harbors much resentment toward Joe; and wildly-imaginative 7-year-old Andy can't quite hide his need for a father figure. It doesn't take Joe long to realize how much he's needed, so he accepts Claire's offer to move in and work in the family business. Downstairs in the garage, Joe works alongside his father's pit-crew chief, the slightly scrambled Lloyd; and Lou, a feisty conceptual artist/mechanic. Romantic tension between Lou and Joe grows as the two try to maintain a working relationship. Upstairs, Joe is becoming a part of the family he never knew, with all of a family's adjustments, responsibilities, joys, and heartache.

Picture quality is 720 

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