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BJ And The Bear - Season 3 - 3 Disc Set

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Returning for its third season to falling ratings, the show gave itself (or was told to from on high) a "soft reboot." No more was this going to be Route 66 with a guy, a chimp and a truck. This was going to be like most shows. It would have a static main setting and then branch out from there. The added addition here was the 9 (!) new supporting cast members with 8 (!) of them featured in the opening credits. Seven lady truckers who are working with B.J. Plus, Grant and Stieger, the final batch of crooked cops that B.J. would come up against. The opening credits that now cram in all these characters is initially jarring. Who the heck are all these people? We had all the Country Comfort gang in the previous season but none of them were in the opening credits. That must mean that this new gang is going to be important. Let's see how they handle all of these people and the new set-up.

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Picture Quality is B- although slightly better than season 1 & 2 still VHS quality and still not HD.